When you strengthen individuals, you enable them to strengthen others.

Such is the power of empowerment


// David Merage //

 We believe in empowering individuals to further strengthen communities, carrying society together, moving together in one direction – forward.

Accelerating Growth and Innovation in the Negev

Accelerating Growth and Innovation in the Negev

Providing Individuals and Communities with the Tools
for a Better Future

A renewed Sense of Community and Solidarity Among Army Reservists

Empowering Senior Adults Through Technology

Making Sure that Lone Soldiers Will Never Be Alone Again



The Merage Foundation, together with the Israel Innovation Institute, Ben Gurion University and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, launched the DeserTech Community. This initiative brings together startups, researchers, industry, international organizations, and policymakers, to spur the development, adaptation and commercialization of technologies that enable sustainable living in arid climates, while simultaneously, turning Be’er Sheva and the Negev region into a global entrepreneurial hub for these technologies.

For more details about the DeserTech community, click on the link: DeserTech

The Merage Foundation, together with key partners across the region, is working to strengthen the agritourism sector in the Negev region. This initiative includes the first ever Negev Wineries Club, bringing together wine makers from the region to make the desert an attractive destination for wine tourism, encourage regional cooperation in the industry and develop business owners professional skills.

The Merage Foundation initiated the first Pakal Competition for Social Innovation among reserve army units. Over 56 applications from units across Israel were submitted, proposing creative ideas for community building and collaboration. The winners of this competition will receive a grant to develop their initiative and support its implementation.