When you strengthen individuals, you enable them to strengthen others.

Such is the power of empowerment


// David Merage //

 We believe in empowering individuals to further strengthen communities, carrying society together, moving together in one direction – forward.

Accelerating Growth and Innovation in the Negev

Accelerating Growth and Innovation in the Negev

Providing Individuals and Communities with the Tools
for a Better Future

A renewed Sense of Community and Solidarity Among Army Reservists

Empowering Senior Adults Through Technology

Making Sure that Lone Soldiers Will Never Be Alone Again



The DeserTech Community, together with Startup Nation Central, launched the first-of-its-kind DeserTech Report and Startups Map, which reveals the current state of DeserTech, and the expected trends. The event took place at Pearl Cohen’s office in Tel Aviv, and more than 170 participants curious about the growing field attended. The Programe officer from the UNCCD gave a speech, and so did the Director General at the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

For more details about the DeserTech community, click on the link: DeserTech

The “connected” program was chosen by the Ministry of Education to present at the international education conference of the OECD! At the Biennale international conference  attended representatives from 48 countries who are partners in the future development education program

The “Wings” program for lone soldiers continues to be a pioneer in its field!! This year, for the first time, we provided psychological assistance to those released who served as lone soldiers.

The program is the first program that recognized the need following the Corona epidemic and was the first to provide a comprehensive response for the soldiers.