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We envision

a prosperous and cohesive Israeli society who is committed to the wellbeing of all its citizens. We believe in the power of empowerment, leadership development and community building. We incubate and accelerate circles of change—those who are strengthened, strengthen others, and lead the way to promoting the prosperity of Israel and the wellbeing of all its citizens.

Strategic Objectives


We are promoting sustainable and inclusive prosperity to the Negev region by strengthening the main drivers of economic growth and revitalizing city centers.


We are promoting the advancement of the Iranian community in Israel through women leadership programs and the exposure of the Persian culture to Israeli society.


We are building a renewed sense of community and solidarity among army reservists by training and supporting community leaders within the reserve units.


We are connecting hundreds of high school and university students to train senior citizens in using their smartphones. Having access to day to day technology strengthens the social and family ties and builds resilience and independence for thousands of senior citizens throughout Israel.


We are scaling Wings, Israel’s leading lone soldier program, supporting over 3,500 young Olim every year, from the moment they arrive in Israel and years after they return to civilian life.

How we work

We are venture philanthropists bringing the highest standards of the business world to accelerate social impact– professionalism, innovation, boldness, dynamism, forward-thinking.


When you strengthen individuals and communities, you enable them to strengthen others.
Such is the power of empowerment.

// David Merage //