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We at the Merage Foundation see the Negev as the land of opportunity – a place that offers a better quality of life and a real alternative to the center of the country. We believe that the realization of the potential of this region will greatly contribute to the State of Israel, both on the local and global levels.

The Foundation devotes a great deal of thought and resources to exposing the Negev and the opportunities that await within for all of Israel’s citizens. It is important for us to highlight the immense range of possibilities inherent in the Negev, in every field – housing, employment, creativity, culture and leisure.

It is also important for us to emphasize the unequivocal beauty and peacefulness of the desert’s nature and landscapes, and to highlight the Negev as the country’s last pristine region, which has yet to be utilized for entrepreneurship and business innovation. It is truly a region where the sky is the limit.